Vincent, Project Engineer

It is a fascinating job because I have the opportunity to follow up projects from start to finish; from the study to the commissioning. Cegelec offers me a realistic career plan: I can gradually work on larger projects. The position of Project Engineer is a good base to become a Project Manager later on.

Millie, Fleet Manager

St├ęphane, Technician

During the many years that I have been working for Cegelec, I have had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience and to expand my knowledge. In addition, I have the option of following various training courses, which means that I can constantly improve myself. I am active on different sites. These are complex, of different sizes and require a variety of technical knowledge.

Oxana, Design Engineer

A creative profession such as Design Engineer requires imagination, creativity and flexibility. Thanks to my job, I frequently come into contact with people who are looking for creative and innovative ideas. I gather all the necessary data and follow up everything from design to implementation. But there is also a conventional side to my profession. For example, I also make plans, estimates or calculations where it is important to work very precisely.
Perseverance, patience and a high degree of dedication are all helpful qualities in this line of work.

Hakim, Project Engineer

As a Project Engineer I am in charge of an electronic quality control laboratory. I have to use a wide range of competences, from team management and relational skills to the management of the instruments. Every day, technical and organizational challenges demand ingenious and innovative solutions.

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